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Survival tips for travel by car

Posted July 18th, 2012 @ 07:07pm by: Minnesota Getaways

Road trips are like childbirth. Done right, they can be the adventure of a lifetime. Done wrong, and you're screaming for someone's head on a platter and demanding to know WHOSE BRILLIANT IDEA WAS THIS?!?! Here are some tips to make your trip the glorious time you envisioned.

  1. Go with someone you love. Or Like. A lot.
  2. Take turns driving.
  3. Bring your own music.
  4. Get the oil changed and your fluids checked before you leave.
  5. Speaking of fluids, pull over and let the woman pee.
  6. Bring sunglasses and sunscreen.
  7. Wear Flip flops.
  8. Avoid stupid traffic tickets.
  9. Speaking of stupid traffic, avoid rush hour!
  10. Get gas before you're on E.
  11. When it's not your turn to drive, get some sleep.
  12. Bring a map. A real, actual, paper map that does not talk to you.
  13. Pack games for the kids.
  14. Plan time for unexpected stops.
  15. Bring garbage bags.
  16. Don't depend on finding nutrition at the gas station. Pack a cooler.

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